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I'm Michelle Kolb and I just re-opened up the Heartland Mini Market and thats where I run my business, Tremendous Heart Tiny Art. Tarot card readings are offered in many ways and while walk ins are welcome during store open hours it is best to reach out and let me know when you're planning on stopping in because those hours vary from week to week and I'd hate to miss ya! Tremendous Heart Healing and Past Life Regression Sessions do require appointments that can be scheduled in advance for any day of the week any time between 10am and 10pm. I take even later appointments for Tarot because it's a fun late night activity and I like to be there for seekers in need of another after-hours option. More details below and in the services store page and my contact info is at the bottom of each page. I encourage all to reach out so we can consult about the sessions and there's lots to explore in the shop-the location is off the beaten path but not far off being in Los Angeles and next to DTLA.

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View Private Massage Service Clients check in, remove their shoes and lie down on the healing table. Together we meditate for a few minutes before I begin the session, by which time both of us will be pretty well relaxed. With an earnest and loving intention to help and to heal I channel energy and introduce it to a clients aura and a sort of rhythm ensues. It doesn't require any concentration from the person receiving the healing, you just have to be open to the idea. I remain safely grounded to Earth while asserting my connection to a loving benevolent energy. My heart chakra feels like it's plugged into the sun and it radiates all this power, this energy I direct out through my hands as I feel through a clients chakras only placing my hands on major joints like shoulders, elbows, knees, and ankles. I'll spend more time anywhere I feel pulled to along the way. I keep beautiful crystals in the space and together we work to help clients loose unwanted energy, releasing the aura and physical body from restrictive pressure and blocks making room for the increased flow of golden love buzzed energy. While in session I'm focused on my client and my minds eye is active while I maintain a meditative state and I'm guided by that and my intuition, emotional feelings and physical cues. Each experience has been different and leaves me with some new understanding and this has been the process of natural expansion of my technique. $75