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Chef Carla Figaro a.k.a. “Veggie Chef,” was born in Trinidad, West Indies to parents of Venezuelan descent and has a palate with a natural affinity to create culturally diverse culinary creations.

As a USAF trained chef (where she developed her love for cooking) with a background in small business management, Chef Carla’s 1st hand observation and experience in catering and event planning for other companies seemed a likely route toward starting her own woman-owned business.

“Looking at trends, I realized there was a real need for fun and healthy alternatives in the industry. My goal is to make people rethink their views regarding healthy foods by combining ingredients into a result that tastes amazing.” Friends and colleagues alike agree that Chef Carla creates culinary miracles with fresh garden fair, grains and legumes securing her culinary pen name “Veggie Chef”. She believes in using fresh seasonal and local ingredients for her handcrafted foods prepared from scratch.

She also makes it a personal policy to know every aspect of the business, including both front and back of house. A natural people person, Chef Carla brings high energy and excitement to every event. She puts together a well- rounded team of professionals who work together to create a fun, relaxed and chic atmosphere.

Something else that is unique to Hot Basil Catering is the lack of a set menu. Instead, Chef Carla develops each menu based on the clients vision for their specific event. Hot Basil Catering makes every event personal to the client from food styling to coordinating décor. In addition to catering, Chef Carla continues to enjoy working as a personal chef and teaching one on one and group cooking classes.

Chef Carla is also passionate about "Whole Living Lifestyles" and as of 2013 actively posts a blog that provides personal incites on all aspects of "Whole Living". This chef intends to use her gifts and knowledge to be a source of positive energy, motivation and insight to all she comes into contact with.

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View One Hour Private Dining Hot Basil Catering specializes in preparing Vegetarian, Vegan and Raw foods in tasting portions. We prefer to use Farm Fresh Seasonal ingredients. We want our client experience to be unique to their event and taste preferences. Also, because of today’s economy we are sensitive to our client’s budgets. For this reason, we do not adhere to a set menu. We will work with you to create a menu that meets your tastes and needs. Please browse our suggested menu items and make note of things that really tempt you, then give us a call and we’ll work together to make your event fun and inviting. Ask us about breakfast or brunch menu ideas. Have us create a spectacular dessert buffet for your next event $100