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I prepare many types of food from various cuisines. I cater to the likes and requests of my principles. Sometimes they tell me what they have a taste for and I execute whatever the request, regardless of cuisine/familiarity. I do the menu selections and, of course, seek final approval from client.

I'm very well versed with lean foods – vegetarian meals, healthy fish and meats, salads; basically the best tasting, conscious balance and in accordance with the desires of the principle. This was a necessity with my previous film client, for example, as he was filming Spider-Man and my priority/guidelines were to provide filling, tasty meals, while keeping them lean and healthy for his appearance on camera. I also coordinated with his trainer on meal plans, as needed.

I am passionate about Organics! Farm-to-table is my preference on main dishes and sides. I shop for organic, pesticide-free produce, and of course antibiotic-free, farm raised meats and fish sourced from well cared-for ponds. (Usually Whole Foods, as they have their own ponds for certain fish and they only buy from sources domestically and internationally who are conscious about mercury, waste and chemicals.)

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View One Hour Private Dining I'm strong in lean meats and veggie variations. I have some great Mediterranean, Latin and Italian dishes in my repertoire. Also some great all-American, great lamb, many wonderful side dishes, BEAUTIFUL salads, etc. I cook tasty grains, such as quinoa, brown or black rice with black beans, etc. I love cooking yummy veggie options, and all this really depends on the taste of the person/family involved. I'm flexible, with a nice range of options and I tailor meal service to the individual. Pretty much cater to the likes/tastes/ allergies/restrictions of the family. $100