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Like everything else I know, I learned how to cook from my mother. I come from a big family, and every night my mother cooked flavorful meals in huge quantities. I started helping her cook for my nieces and nephews when I was 9 years old.

I pursued a career in music, but eventually found my way back to cooking. I enrolled in culinary school, where I learned the technical terms for things my mother had taught me years ago.

From there, I bounced back and forth between various 5 star restaurants in Los Angeles.

In 2015, I started my own food truck with my fiancé (The Carnival Truck). By the end of the year, we were booking more catering jobs than food truck jobs, and thus The Catering Carnival was born.

In addition to my catering services, I work as a private chef in my client’s homes, cooking 3-5 course meals for their family and friends. I also offer meal delivery for my clients looking to eat healthy and lose weight.

I’m always open to opportunities, collaborations and special events. I look forward to cooking for you!

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View One Hour Private Dining Want a professional chef to cook a meal for you and your loved one? One a first date and want to make a million dollar matchmaker impression? We can help. $100