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Aj's road to yoga was by accident.

He was working for a yoga studio and was told by the owner that she was out of money! If he'd continue, and finish her studio, she would give him yoga for life, He thought she was kidding at first but soon realize, she was serious! After finishing the studio, He went to his first yoga class. "Yoga is for girls, I lift weight" he told the instructor. He could not do most of the asana's, and could barely finish the class.

Three years later he was offered to attend a 200RYT by the same Yogini, completing his training in 2011. Now with a new outlook on life, He meets each day with being grateful for the time to breath in the present. Aj teaching style is a dynamic alignment driven Vinyasa Flow. Taking from Hatha for the basic, Iyemgar for the alignment and long holds, Ashtanga for vinyasa synchronized breath movement. After completing several more teacher training for mindful fitness as well as acro yoga AJ's practice has blossomed into a well-rounded teacher.

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